Institutional Memberships

Any U.S. institution of higher education can join the American Institute of Bangladesh Studies. A Letter of Intent to join AIBS should be sent to the President. This letter should affirm the institution's long term interest in the scholarly understanding of Bangladesh through research on Bangladesh and/or teaching courses related to Bangladesh. The Letter of Intent should also state the number of faculty who are interested in Bangladesh research or have a research agenda on Bangladesh. Please include CVs for all faculty discussed in the Letter of Intent.

The President of AIBS will submit the Letter of Intent to the AIBS Board for approval. The membership fee is $250 per year, and payment is due by November. The membership year is October - September. Each institutional member has one seat on the Board of Trustees. Faculty from member institutions do not pay any application fee for AIBS fellowships or for participation in any other AIBS program. Fellowship applicants from the Member Institution are exempt from paying the $250 administrative fee.

Conditions of Membership:

  1. The Treasurer will remind each institution of its delinquent status, noting that the Trustees in good standing have voted that the dues are to be remitted immediately upon notification.
  2. An institution that has not paid membership will be required to pay for the previous unpaid year if it wants to be a voting member again.
  3. If, during the period of delinquency, anyone from that institution applies for a grant, the grantee, if selected, will have to pay the $250 processing fee. Moreover, if the Selection Committee has to choose between two equal applicants, the person from the delinquent institution will be placed in lower priority.

Questions on membership may be directed to

How to pay: You may pay with credit card by clicking on the appropriate link below. In addition, you may pay by check using the invoice, which will be emailed to the Institutional Representative/Trustee.

Membership Fees

2020-2021 Institutional Membership (One Year) - $250
2020-2022 Institutional Membership (Two Years) - $500
2020-2023 Institutional Membership (Three Years) - $750
2020-2024 Institutional Membership (Four Years) - $1000

Membership Fees (NRCs)

2020-2021 Institutional Membership: NRC (One Year) - $500
2020-2022 Institutional Membership: NRC (Two Years) - $1000
2020-2023 Institutional Membership: NRC (Three Years) - $1500
2020-2024 Institutional Membership: NRC (Four Years) - $2000

Membership Fees (Past Due)

2019-2020 Institutional Membership (One Year - Past Due) - $250
2019-2020 Institutional Membership: NRC (One Year - Past Due) - $500